When you hear "Henry County" you may think of a sleepy
rural community in Georgia. On the contrary, these are
exciting times for Henry County. Henry County is now the
sixth fastest growing community in America and the 2nd
fastest growing community in Georgia. Henry County is
vastly becoming a bustling suburban metropolitan area,
not just a county of historical sites, but a rapidly growing,
sophisticated community.

With our experience of providing exemplary service in the
corporate and healthcare industries; combined with our
dedication to excellence in meeting the needs of the
community; we pledge to provide a service of excellence,
extraordinary care, professional training, while we seek
to teach and educate our community to meet the needs
of its residents.
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Overall employment of nursing, psychiatric, and home
health aides is projected to increase 36% or more for all
occupations through the year 2012, although individual
occupational growth rates will vary. Employment of home
health aides is expected to grow the fastest as a result of
both the growing demand for home healthcare services,
from an aging population, and efforts to contain
healthcare costs by moving patients out of hospitals and
nursing care facilities as quickly as possible. Consumer
preference for care in the home and improvements in
medical technologies for in-home treatment also will
contribute to faster-than-average employment growth for
home health aides.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of
Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry was the largest
industry in 2002. Health services provided 12.9 million
jobs- 12.5 million jobs for wage and salary workers, and
about 382,000 jobs for the self-employed. Ten out of 20
occupations projected to grow the fastest are
concentrated in health services. About 16 percent of all
new wage and salary jobs created between 2002 and
2012 will be in health services – (3.5 million jobs), which
is more than in any other industry. Combining medical
technology and the human touch, the health services
industry administers care around the clock, responding
to the needs of millions of people-from newborns to the
critically ill.
What We Do
Technical School of excellence providing medical
training programs that supercede all other training
programs. An institution of learning that will train all their
students to play a vital role in a successful healthcare
environment. We provide a base of instruction that
facilitates a standard of excellence and superior quality
training that will contribute to a higher level of quality
patient care.
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